Discover Darren Palmer's Interior Design MASTERSERIES

About Darren Palmer

Darren Palmer is a renowned interior designer, influencer and ambassador for high quality products and brands. His extensive expertise, combined with his understated approach to design, has made him a household name, known not only for his professionalism, integrity and industry expertise but also for being a trusted personality.

He has written for many publications, featured as a judge on an award-winning television series and has gathered a wealth of knowledge through a very interesting and diverse career in design.

He also has his own brand, which has been applied to flooring, rugs, candles, soft and hard home furnishings, and he has written two books on the topic of functional and impactful interior design theory.

Darren has a strong passion for education and has a unique ability to break down complex concepts into easy to digest material. We're thrilled to partner with him on this exclusive video MASTERSERIES.

"In everything I do, I strive to educate and inspire so that anyone can create their version of their best home. For quite some time, I have thought the best way to do that would be through an education platform, specifically one that was housed online, in partnership with a reputable educator with a broad, worldwide customer base. It’s for that reason I could not be more proud to be partnered with The Interior Design Institute to present my experience and insights, so that anyone can apply that knowledge themselves, in their own way in their own homes."

- Darren Palmer @darrenpalmerofficial


The Interior Design Institute has teamed up with Darren Palmer to create a beautifully curated Interior Design MASTERSERIES, which consists of 15 online videos and a downloadable eBook to complement the content covered in our online Interior Design course.

The MASTERSERIES is unique and totally Darren Palmer’s theory. It is designed to be a supplement to the student’s knowledge in each subject based on Darren’s vast experience and inspiring anecdotes.

The videos can be purchased at any time, and students are provided an additional 6 month course extension free of charge. Once finished, students are awarded a certificate of completion.

The MASTERSERIES is a truly inspiring set of videos that will take your Interior Design knowledge, passion and experience to another level. We hope you enjoy it!


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